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Toe Fat
TOE FAT LP: Parlophone PCS 7097 CD: Repertoire REP 4416-WY (1994) Released in 1970 Side A 1. THATíS MY LOVE FOR YOU (Allan/Roberts/Bennett) 4.01 2. BAD SIDE OF THE MOON (John/Taupin) 3.24 3. NOBODY (Cooper/Shelly/Beatty) 6.03 4. THE WHEREFORES AND THE WHYS (Bennett) 3.43 5. BUT IíM WRONG (Bennett) 3.57 Side B 1. JUST LIKE ME (Carroll/Guy) 4.12 2. JUST LIKE ALL THE REST (Bennett) 2.30 3. I CANíT BELIEVE (Bennett) 3.59 *** 4. WORKING NIGHTS (Bennett) 2.34 5. YOU TRIED TO TAKE IT ALL (Bennett) 4.26 ***
CLIFF BENNETT - Lead Vocals & Piano KEN HENSLEY - Guitar, Organ, Piano & Vocals JOHN GLASCOCK - Bass & Vocals LEE KERSLAKE - Drums & Vocals MOX - Flute & Harmonica Engineer - PETER MEW Producer - JONATHAN PEEL Original Cover Design - Hipgnosis Reprographics by CLE (tel: 01480 465233) Original songs are credited to Cliff Bennett but they were most probaby mostly written by Ken Hensley His name is not mentioned because of contractual reasons Bass player John Glascock is misspelled as "John Konas" on the sleeve *** These two songs appeared also on Head Machine's album Orgasm titled "Climax - You Tried To Take It All" TOE FAT SINGLES RELEASES Toe Fat US Censored US cover Toe Fat 1 & 2 1995 Double CD release together with Toe Fat Two Toe Fat - Bad Side Of The Moon 2021 Double CD compilation including all recordings