Collector's Edition cover

Standard Edition (CD) earMUSIC 0198922ERE
Deluxe Edition (CD + DVD) earMUSIC 0198928ERE
Collector's Edition (CD + signed 7") earMUSIC 0198927ERE
Released in October 2009
Double vinyl version earMUSIC ERE0209644 released in August 2014

MICK BOX - guitar, vocals
TREVOR BOLDER - bass guitar, vocals
PHIL LANZON - keyboards, vocals
BERNIE SHAW - lead vocals
RUSSELL GILBROOK - drums, vocals

Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009 CD released 
in February 2010 includes tracks from DVD plus 7" single
Official 40th Anniversary Collection including re-recordings of classic 
Uriah Heep songs by the current line-up plus two new songs
Deluxe edition includes also DVD recorded live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009
Limited Collectors' Edition includes also 7" vinyl single signed by Mick Box
STANDARD EDITION CD (same as double vinyl)
1. ONLY HUMAN (Box/Lanzon) -new song- 3.19
2. BIRD OF PREY (Box/Byron/Hensley/Newton) 3.58
3. SUNRISE (Hensley) 4.20
4. STEALIN' (Hensley) 4.38
5. CORRIDORS OF MADNESS (Box/Lanzon) -new song- 5.19
6. BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Box/Lanzon) 6.07
7. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke) 3.12
8. FREE ME (Hensley) 3.25
9. FREE 'N' EASY (Lawton/Box) 2.32
10. GYPSY (Box/Byron) 4.32
11. LOOK AT YOURSELF (Hensley) 3.43
12. JULY MORNING (Hensley/Byron) 8.45
13. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley) 2.54
14. LADY IN BLACK (Hensley) 5.30
DELUXE EDITION DVD - Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009
1. SUNRISE (Hensley) 
2. STEALIN' (Hensley) 
3. GYPSY (Box/Byron) 
4. LOOK AT YOURSELF (Hensley) 
5. JULY MORNING (Hensley/Byron) 
6. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley) 
7. LADY IN BLACK (Hensley) 
COLLECTOR'S EDITION 7" - Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009
Side A:
Side B:
ONLY HUMAN We're only human... Keep on fighting Don't let troubles get in your way You can change and turn your thinking To energy so beautiful We're only human, looking for direction We're only human after all We're only human Wanderers and dreamers We're only human Deep satisfaction Is there within the magic of life And the laws of your attraction Say everything you need to know You can't imagine how So many people wasting time We can achieve the love We need so we can shine And see the things that life will Bring us now in perfect rhyme The secret is in you, always within you Sleep on angel Show us where you go in your dreams And the universe will tell you 'Your wish in life is my command' We're only human... human... human... We're only human after all We're only human... 
CORRIDORS OF MADNESS I'm looking out over the water Feeling the cold in my bones A terrible nightmare growing around me I never felt so alone I'm starting to see my reflection A whisper of light in the sky The dark water called me, pulling me in Down where the old spirits lie I look at the moon as it flickers Through the waves like a lost memory I'm losing control as the spirits are laughing Singing their dark harmony They try everything to destroy me They're drawing me into the game Question or answer, will I live or die Convincing me I am insane Ah ah ah... In the corridors of madness Ah ah ah... They go on and on and on Ah ah ah... They say they want to take me home They live in the world under water Maybe we end up this way But I'm still alive and I'm frightened to death The fear of watery grave I'm reaching out into the silence Begging for help to appear The whisper of light that was there in the sky Pulling me into the clear So don't look out over the water You never know what you wil find You could be saved or you could be lost May even go out of your mind So now when you see your reflection As spirits are tempting you in Calling your name like a lamb to the slaughter Fearing the pendulum swing