CHAPTER & VERSE - The Uriah Heep Story

The Official 35th Anniversary compilation featuring also Uriah Heep members in various bands before Heep (CD One, Tracks 1 - 12) Disc One (1968-1972) 1. The Gods: TOWARDS THE SKIES (Konas) 3.26 2. The Gods: LOOKING GLASS (Konas/Hensley) 4.14 From lp ‘Genesis’ 1968 3. The Gods: LOVELY ANITA (Kerslake) 3.29 From lp ‘To Samuel A Son’ 1970 4. National Head Band: TOO MUCH COUNTRY WATER (Schelhas/Kerslake) 4.13 ** From lp ‘Albert One’ 1971 5. Spice: IN LOVE (Box/Byron) 3.15 6. Spice: WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC (Brian/Boggess) 2.53 From 7" single 1968 7. Spice: ASTRANAZA (Box/Byron) (edited version) 3.35 * 8. Spice: BORN IN A TRUNK (Box/Byron) (edited version) 3.43 * Out-takes, originally released on 'The Lansdowne Tapes' Both edited versions, as far as I can tell just shortened from the versions previously released 9. Toe Fat: I CAN'T BELIEVE (Bennett) 3.58 From lp’ Toe Fat’ 1970 10. Head Machine: THE FIRST TIME (Paramor) 5.00 From lp ‘Orgasm’. Sleeve notes say this is an edited version but it is the original lp version 11. Keef Hartley Band: NOT FOOLISH, NOT WISE (Hewiston/James/Hartley/Thain) 3.57 From lp ‘The Battle Of Northwest Six’ 1969 12. Keef Hartley Band: YOU SAY YOU'RE TOGETHER NOW (Thain) 3.44 From lp ‘Seventy Second Brave’ 1972, Gary Thain on lead vocals. 13. GYPSY (Box/Byron) (edited version) 5.45 According to notes this is the lp version but in fact it's a shorter version (5min 45sec.) sounds the same as the version on ‘The Lansdowne Tapes’ 2-CD expanded edtion only edited a little bit shorter 14. REAL TURNED ON (Box/Byron) (alternate version) 3.35 * 15. WAKE UP (SET YOUR SIGHTS) (Box/Byron) (alternate version) 6.14 * Both alternate versions previously unreleased but only slightly different from lp versions 16. DREAMMARE (Newton) (BBC Session 1970) 3.08 Live version recorded for BBC 17. I’LL KEEP ON TRYING (Box/Byron) 5.25 From lp ‘Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble’ 1970 18. BIRD OF PREY (Box/Byron/Hensley/Newton) (original version) 4.06 The version that was on U.S. Uriah Heep lp and elsewhere released as single b-side 19. WHAT’S WITHIN MY HEART (Hensley) 5.24 According to notes this a previously unreleased version but it’s the same that’s been released already on both the remastered ‘Look At Yourself’ album in 1996 and the deluxe expanded edition in 2003. Disc Two (1971-1972) 1. LADY IN BLACK (Hensley) (edited version) 3.38 * Alternate version, either just another “new” version or one of the many edits released before. Nevertheless the same recording, nothing new here 2. TIME TO LIVE (Box/Byron/Hensley) 4.01 From lp ‘Salisbury’ 1971 3. TEARS IN MY EYES (Hensley) 5.04 Again the notes are incorrect, according to them this is an extended but it’s the original lp version on ‘Look At Yourself’ 4. LOOK AT YOURSELF (Hensley) 5.09 5. JULY MORNING (Hensley/Byron) 10.31 6. SHADOWS OF GRIEF (Hensley/Byron) 88.38 From lp ‘Look At Yourself’ 1971 7. EASY LIVIN’ (Hensley) 2.35 From lp ‘Demons And Wizards’ 1972 8. WHY (Box/Byron/Newton/Hensley) (alternate version) 7.52 * Previously unreleased version. 7min. 52 sec, sounds the same as the version on ‘Demons And Wizards’ deluxe epanded edition but edited shorter 9. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke) 2.59 10. CIRCLE OF HANDS (Hensley) 6.24 From lp Demons And Wizards 11. RAIN (Hensley) 3.59 12. SUNRISE (Hensley) 4.03 13. TALES (Hensley) 4.07 14. THE MAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY (Hensley/Box/Kerslake) 10.21 From lp ‘The Magician's Birthday’ 1972 Disc Three (1973-1976) 1. STEALIN' (Hensley) 4.50 From lp ‘Sweet Freedom’ 1973 2. IF I HAD THE TIME (Hensley) (extended version) 6.17 * Previously unreleased extended version 3. SWEET FREEDOM (Hensley) 6.28 4. SEVEN STARS (Hensley) 3.49 From lp Sweet Freedom 5. PILGRIM (Hensley/Byron) 7.02 According to notes this is supposed to be an extended version but it’s 8 seconds shorter, otherwise excatly the same as lp version 6. WONDERWORLD (Hensley) 4.29 7. SUICIDAL MAN (Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain) 3.35 8. SOMETHING OR NOTHING (Box/Hensley/Thain) 2.54 From lp ‘Wonderworld’ 1974 9. RETURN TO FANTASY (Hensley/Byron) 5.45 10. DEVIL’S DAUGHTER (Byron/Box/Hensley/Kerslake) 4.48 11. A YEAR OR A DAY (Hensley) 4.21 12. SHADY LADY (Hensley/Box/Byron/Kerslake) 4.47 From lp ‘Return To Fantasy’ 1975 13. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (Hensley) 4.39 From lp ‘High And Mighty’ 1976 14. MISTY EYES (Hensley) 4.15 The lp version from ‘High And Mighty’, again the notes lie saying this is an edited version 15. WEEP IN SILENCE (Hensley/Wetton) 5.07 From lp ‘High And Mighty’ 1976 16. BEAUTIFUL DREAM (Hensley/Byron/Box/Kerslake) (demo version) 5.48 The same version that was included as a bonus track on both original remastered ‘Return To Fantasy’ and the deluxe expanded edtion. NOT previously unreleased as the sleeve notes say Disc Four 1. BEEN AWAY TOO LONG (Hensley) 5.03 2. WHO NEEDS ME (Kerslake) 3.38 3. SYMPATHY (Hensley) 4.43 4. WISE MAN (Hensley) 4.40 From lp’ Firefly’ 1977 5. FREE ME (Hensley) 3.33 6. FREE ‘N’ EASY (Lawton/Box) 3.05 7. ILLUSION (Hensley) 5.03 From lp ’Innocenet Victim’ 1977 8. COME BACK TO ME (Kerslake/Hensley) 4.19 9. FALLEN ANGEL Hensley) 4.59 From lp ‘Fallen Angel’ 1978 10. LET IT RIDE (Hensley/Box/Kerslake/Lawton) 5.15 From ‘Five Miles’ sessions 1979. It’s 7 seconds than the version released on ‘A Time Of Revelation’ box otherwise identical. 11. I WON'T CHANGE (Hensley) 3.26 + 12. L.A. WOMAN (Box/Kerslake/Bolder/Lawton/Hensley) 5.00 + Both previously unreleased recordings from ‘Five Miles’ sessions 1979. The only unreleased songs in the set. 13. THINK IT OVER (Bolder/Sloman) 8single version) 3.31 The original single version with John Sloman on vocals, previously released also on remastered ‘Conquest. The notes say that this was recorded before ‘Conquest’ sessions in 1979 but this was in fact recorded late 1980 after Ken Hensley had left and it features Greg Dechert on keyboards. 14. CARRY ON (Hensley) 3.55 15. FOOLS (Bolder) 4.56 16. IT AIN'T EASY (Bolder) 5.40 From lp ‘Conquest’ 1980 17. I’M ALIVE AGAIN (Box/Sinclair/Kerslake/Daisley) 3.37 NOT previously unreleased version as the notes say, this is the same version that was on ‘A Time Of Revelation’ box set. 18. SELL YOUR SOUL (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair) 5.27 From lp ‘Abominog. 1982 Disc Five (1983-1998) 1. TOO SCARED TO RUN (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair) (live 1984) 4.07 ** 2. THAT’S THE WAY THAT IT IS (Bliss) (live 1984) 3.55 ** Live recordings from Head First tour, notes say these we re recorded in 1983 but these must be in fact from 1984 Auckland, New Zealand concert. part was included on 'Easy Livin' - A History of Uriah Heep' video. These could be the same recordings that were included as bonus tracks on ‘Abominog’ deluxe expanded edition CD but I don’t have that myself so that I could check. 3. WEEKEND WARRIORS (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Sinclair/Kerslake) 3.50 4. THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair) 3.56 5. STRAIGHT THROUGH THE HEART (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Sinclair/Kerslake) 3.45 From lp ‘Head First’ 1983 6. SPLIT IMAGE (Box/Kerslake/Sinclair/Goalby/Daisley) 2.18 * Recorded for a film soundtrack, previously released on ‘A Time Of Revelation’ box set, NOT previously unreleased version as the notes say. 7. ANGEL (Goalby/Sinclair/Bolder/Kerslake/Box) (live 1985) 5.06 ** Recorded at Camden Palace, London, previously released on Gypsy/Live In London video, previously unreleased on CD. This could be the same version that’s included as a bonus track on ‘Head First’ deluxe expanded edition CD but I don’t have that myself so that I could check. 8. MISTER MAJESTIC (Lanzon) (live 1987) 5.51 From lp ‘Live in Moscow’ 1988 9. CRY FREEDOM (Box/Lanzon) 4.31 10. BLOOD RED ROSES (Goalby) 4.08 From lp ‘Raging Silence’ 1989 11. DIFFERENT WORLD (Box/Lanzon) (acoustic live 2000) 4.46 From cd ‘Acoustically Driven’ 2001 12. AGAINST THE ODDS (Box/Lanzon) 6.12 13. SPIRIT OF FREEDOM (Box/Lanzon) 4.15 14. DREAM ON (Bolder) 4.27 From cd ‘Sea Of Light’ 1995 15. SAIL THE RIVERS (Bolder) 6.54 From ‘Sea Of Light’ sessions, previously released as bonus track on Spellbinder live album 16. TIME OF REVELATION (Box/Lanzon) 4.02 From cd ‘Sea Of Light’ 1995 17. BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Box/Lanzon) 6.30 From cd ‘Sonic Origami’ 1998 Disc Six (1973-2005) 1. SWEET LORRAINE (Box/Byron/Thain) (live 1973) 4.36 * Edited version from ‘Live 1973’ 2. SO TIRED (Box/Hensley/Byron/Kerslake/Thain) (live 1974) 3.19 * Alternate version from ‘Shepperton '74’ 3. LOOK AT YOURSELF Hensley) live 1979) 4.52 + 4. EASY LIVIN’ (Hensley) (live 1979) 3.30 + 5. STEALIN’ (Hensley) (live 1979) 5.04 + 6. FALLING IN LOVE (Hensley) (live 1979) 3.07 + 7. WOMAN OF THE NIGHT (Box/Lawton/Kerslake) (live 1979) 3.04 + Previously unreleased Live In Europe 1979 material, all from Newcastle show 8. ROCKARAMA (Goalby/Sinclair/Bolder/Kerslake/Box) (live 1985) 5.55 ** 9. BAD BLOOD (Goalby/Sinclair/Bolder/Kerslake/Box) (live 1985) 3.24 ** Recorded at Camden Palace, London, previously released on Gypsy/Live In London video, previously unreleased on CD. 10. SYMPATHY (Hensley) (live 2001) 5.20 From ‘The Magician's Birthday Party’ with Ken H & John L. 11. CIRCUS (Thain/Box/Kerslake) (acoustic live 2000) 4.33 From ‘Acoustically Driven’ with Ian Anderson 12. Interview German Radio 1976 12.55 + 1976 German promotional interview with Ken H, Mick M, John L & Gerry B., previously unreleased 13. FREE ME (Hensley) (live 1995) 5.31 + From South African tour with John Lawton on vocals, soundboard recording, previously unreleased 14. GYPSY (Box/Byron) (live 1997) 12.31 + Recorded at Astoria, London, soundboard recording, previously unreleased