Transmissions Storming Music SMC2413 Enhanced CD and book set Released in June 2007 1. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley) 2. SO TIRED (Box/Hensley/Byron/Kerslake/Thain) 3. I WON'T MIND (Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain) 4. SWEET FREEDOM (Hensley) 5. SOMETHING OR NOTHING (Hensley/Box/Thain) 6. THE EASY ROAD (Hensley) 7. STEALIN' (Hensley) 8. LOVE MACHINE (Hensley/Box/Byron) Additional enhanced video material 9. RETURN TO FANTASY (Hensley/Byron) 10. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley) 11. STEALIN' Hensley) 12. PRIMA DONNA (Byron/Box/Kerslake/Hensley) 13. SHADY LADY (Hensley/Box/Byron/Kerslake) 1 - 8 Recorded live at Shepperton Film Studios 1974 Originally released on LIVE AT SHEPPERTON '74 in 1986 9 - 13 Recorded live in USA 1975 Originally released on CLASSIC HEEP LIVE FROM THE BYRON ERA in 2004 Re-released also as regular enhanced CD titled "CLASSIC AIRWAVES" Storming Music SMC2413 Classic Airwaves Re-re-released as regular enhanced CD IN 2011 titled "PERFORMANCE" Southworld SW0020CD Performance