From Baby Faced Killer
I will give you lace and diamond
If that's how it has to be
Shower you with my affections
Be around you constantly
If you think that you can lose me
You are in a world apart
'Cause given just the smallest moment
I will surely steal your heart

I am aware that I don't compare
To magazine fantasies seen everywhere
But don't let me in
'Cause really I'm a baby faced killer

Don't be surprised when I look in your eyes
If images change in their shape and their size
'Cause you're under the spell
The spell of the baby faced killer

I would like to be a spider
Hanging from your bedroom wall
Watching you go through your motions
Seeing you reveal your all
But I am a mere mortal
And I have no such disguise
So I'll have to use the power
That exists within my eyes