From Take No Prisoners
Ain't many places to hide
It's almost too long ago to remember
This cowboy's had a long ride
And he yells out Mr. Bartender

Hit me with a white one on the rocks
And treat yourself to a double
I'm looking for a man in these parts
'Cause I owe him plenty of trouble

We used to ride the banks
And the trains till someone
Filled my guts full of lead
And when he saw those ugly stain
I guess he kinda left me for dead

So hit me with a white one
I'm gonna need my throat warm and wet
Hit me with a white one
I'm gonna need all the help I can get

I gotta get even ...

We grew up in a bad part of town
We both decided to do it together
We promised Ma we'd never let her down
We didn't say how, didn't want to upset her

But what he did wasn't right
'Cause it was me he was leaving
Bartender, if you see him tonight
Just tell him that I want to get even

Bartender, just give me one more
I don't need no help from your law
I've waited a long time
To get to this place
Now I wanna meet that man face to face
Just one more white one, that'll be all I need
Then I'll sneak off into the night
And do my deadly deed

Hit me with a white one ...