From Rough Diamond
It takes an honest man
To admit that he's wrong
I thought by roaming around on my own
I could prove I was strong
But those long cold nights
Told me one thing for sure
Made me miss my woman all the more

But she said hobo, hobo
Get out of here, get out of here
Hobo, hobo, get out of here
Get out of here

You get to miss the moans
When they get carried away
I needed that moment and
I knew there was only one way
I walked into a bar
Asked a soak where to score
He pointed to a lady
Standing right by the door

I knew that I'd made a mistake
When I'd said goodbye
And now I was paying the price
And the costs were high
So I went back to my woman to apologize
Asked if I could come back
And with tears in her eyes

She said, hobo, hobo
Come inside, come inside
Hobo, hobo, come inside, come inside