From Take No Prisoners
I'm speeding on a roller coaster
And I've got my ticket to ride
I'm dreaming on a roller coaster
And I'm looking for somewhere to hide

Cause when get left flat by a woman like that
The heat that was sweet
Is just another nail into your heart
But I had to get smart

I'm riding to a destination
And I don't care where I'm gonna go
I'm riding to another station
Ain't taking no one in tow

I never bothered with a bottle by my side
I never bothered but that woman was still my prize
Filled with booze one night I took to using a gun
Now the only thing left for me to do is run

I gotta run, gotta run
I gotta run, 'cause I used the gun ...
I gotta keep on runnin', keep on gunnin'

And the gun went ...