Out-take from Take No Prisoners
included as a bonus track on remastered cd 2011
Released for the first time on Man Of Yesterday 2005
I know whatís going on
I know how to sing my song
Iím gonna sing it over here
Sing it over there
Take you by surprise
So you better be aware
Oh no no no Ö

I know how to make the pieces fit
Iíll show you what to do with it
So come on and take time
Listen to a rhyme with me
Weíre gonna take you through
A rhythm or two or three

When I was a boy I listened with joy
To the music on the radio
And nearly at an age
Trying to get myself in that show
You better watch
The people used to shout
The kidís gonna keep on going
Till the very end

Now a long time later I think
I know whatís going on
So if youíre out there and listen
Why donít you just sing along
Sing along, listen to the band!

I know, I know whatís going onÖ