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Uriah Heep

Pictures & review by Marije Essink 
I came over from Holland to Denmark to see Uriah Heep in Århus and Copenhagen, just 3 weeks after I had seen them at the Magician's Birthday Party in London. I went to Denmark with two new Dutch Heep fans who had seen Heep twice at festivals in Holland last summer. Those new fans are a colleague of mine and her husband, who is also our boss (!). They are both very enthousiastic about Uriah Heep. It was actually my colleague's idea to go to Denmark, and of course I didn't mind tagging along. Uriah Heep is my favourite band, and I can never get enough of their live gigs. So we drove to Denmark, first to Århus to see Heep at the Scandinavian Congress Center. We arrived at the venue about half an hour before the doors would open. Before the doors opened I ran into Mick and Bernie, greeted them and had a little chat. When the doors opened, we went inside and secured our place at the front row. Before the show started, I talked to Dave Owen, one of my friends from the Heep crew and a really nice guy. Then the show started. They played for only one hour, but with so much power and energy, they really got the crowd going. And the venue was sold out, so it was really great for the band too. You could really tell that they were enjoying themselves. Mick was smiling all the time, and when I made eye contact with Phil he seemed surprised to see me, he probably didn't expect to see a Dutch girl in the front row at a show in Denmark. After the show I talked to my other friend from the Heep crew, Mick's guitar technician Steve Honest, also a very nice guy.
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