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Uriah Heep & Deep Purple Scandinavian Tour

Malmo 28th Nov.

Esbern "Rainbow Demon":

URIAH HEEP and Deep Purple in Malmö! And what a night it was. Three friends and I grabbed a taxi in Copenhagen and drove to Sweden to experience our favourite band of all time, and I sure am glad we did. The place was crawling with Deep Purple fans, we were litterally engulfed in an ocean of DP t-shirts, while I stood steady as a rock in full HEEP uniform (t-shirt and jacket and calm, drunk pose). HEEP played Hensley era tunes only,Im talking July Morning and everything, and I must say their choice of playlist was well recieved as the place went totally bananas, DEEP PURLE fans singing, clapping, whistling and headbanging all around us. There is no doubt Deep Purple themselves were completely outshadowed by our very own URIAH HEEP's performance, and I think a lot of the Deep Purple fans there would agree with me in a split second! Bernie Shaw was at his best! The whole band rocked, I mean ROCKED!!! but Bernie was in a special topform, and I mention this because he really deserves special notice for his performance. I managed to finally meet Dave Owens, known to all Heepsters for his long time dedicated fanship and work, a very pleasant guy,I mean I was piss drunk and stoned out of my mind, but he was as welcomming and friendly as what we have come to expect from Heepsters! I certainly hope I shall meet him again at the Sunday gig in Copenhagen. We also met two very strange German aliens who ran the Heep merch shop, and who refused our Danish money even though Heep were to play in Denmark the next two evenings. Well, I got my Heepshirt anyway, through ways and means I shall not mention here, and I guess the German aliens attitude just comes from meeting too many drunken fans, but still, certainly not on par with a Heepster's stamina like the one desplayed by Dave Owen who must have met a lot more of them and still is the greatest guy you could meet. We went home as happy and proud as any Heepsters could be, after a great performance, great playlist and a great crowd! Malmö, you rocked, URIAH HEEP, you rocked it! -Rainbow Demon, Copenhagen.