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Uriah Heep

Pictures & review by Marije Essink 
The next day we drove from Århus to Copenhagen to see Heep at KB Hallen. This venue was also sold out. Once again we were able to get a spot at the front. It was the last show of the Deep Purple & Uriah Heep Scandinavia tour, and what a show it was. Bernie really got the crowd going, even all the Purple fans were going absolutely crazy. After the show I managed to get backstage, thanks to my friends Dave and Steve. They took me to Heep's dressing room, where I got hugs and kisses from everyone (again, I have met the guys a few times before, and they are really nice and friendly). They were a bit tired, but very happy. I talked to them a bit, Bernie said the crowd was 'fuckin' fantastic'. I guess they had a great time on tour with Deep Purple in Scandinavia. They will be back in Holland in early February, I already have my tickets, so I still have something to look forward to.
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