URIAH HEEP at NOSTURI Helsinki Finland, 15th March 2000 (A Secret Concert)

The band was as good as always, the unusual circumstances didn't seem to confuse them much and they pulled it off very well once again. The set was again very similar to the one they played on the 1999 tour a year ago. A couple of newer songs (Shelter From The Rain, Everything In Life, Love In Silence) had been dropped and replaced by older songs such as July Morning and Stealin'. Bernie asked at one point what the reason for the white coats was but I don't think he got an answer. My wife liked the show very much, she was mostly impressed with Bernie’s voice and the fact that they seemed very happy and enjoying themselves on stage.

I can't help feeling a bit tired of hearing almost the same songs at every concert and on every live tape. I was looking forward to hearing for example Sweet Freedom or Rain which I know they have playedat some gigs on their latest European tour. All the songs I've heard them play live before so it wouldn't have hurt to have something new in the set. I understand well that it's not easy to change the set but still... I know there are people out there who haven't seen Heep live for ages and would probably accept any kind of Heep concert if they only had the chance but I can of course speak only on my part. I just don't think it's nice to the fans who come to see them every time for example in places like Germany, where they tour every year, to play exactly the same set. Anyway, it was a very good show otherwise and I'm already looking forward to the next concert which wil happen in Randers in Denmark on 4th May just before the Heepvention in London.

This was the set:
1 Between Two Worlds
2 Stealin'
3 I Hear Voices
4 Universal Wheels
5 Time Of Revelation
6 Only The Young
7 Sunrise
8 Feels Like
9 Heartless Land
10 July Morning
11 Bird Of Prey
12 Gypsy
13 Easy Livin'

14 Question
15 Look At Yourself

16 Lady In Black