URIAH HEEP at NOSTURI Helsinki Finland, 15th March 2000 (A Secret Concert)

(Pictures taken by Anne Mantila)

After the show we went naturally backstage to talk with the guys and I had the chance to present them the 30th Anniversary Guestbook. I'm sure they liked it very much, at least they kept reading their copies together with the members of the road crew all the time that I spent there. I also gave Mick the cd version of the new uriah-heep.com discography and finally the 1997 Heep tribute concert on cd.

It was great to meet them again after only a year had gone from the last meeting. This time it was even better than previously because there was lot less people at backstage, only 5 or 6 fans invited by Mick were there, the rest of Finnish Heep fans didn't even know thery were in the country before they read about it in newspapers the following day.

I managed to talk to each band member individually and I must once again say that they are all very nice and friendly guys. At about 1am I finally thought it was time to go home, I could have stayed there all night but I had to get up at 6am to go to work. The first time I heard about the concert was only a week before so it wasn't possible to arrange a holiday. I also noticed some of the guys were pretty tired - Phil for example had just flown in from Australia and was suffering from jet lag - but they were too polite to tell us to go away so they could get to bed. So I said goodbye to them and told I would meet them again in Denmark in May.

For those Finnish Heepsters who are reading this and are angry to me for not informing them: There's hope you'll soon get a chance te see the band. They told they're planning to come again in the Summer - possibly in June - for a "proper" gig.

Tapio Minkkinen 20.3.2000


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