Turku Finland 12th August 1978

Stories and pictures on this page are taken from various newspapers and magazines. Thanks to Jari-Pekka Martikainen for providing with this stuff.

Clip 4


"Tight expression, tight trousers and tight voice. Uriah Heep lived yesterday and the audience went wild. Well you have to get your kicks somehow."

Clip 1

Written by Jari-Pekka Martikainen


"The headliners British Uriah Heep entered the stage as the last act with applause. Heep started with a Box/Lawton song ‘Free ‘N‘ Easy‘ from the band’s latest album Innocent Victim. Hensley and Box played both a very skillful guitar duel. The next bumver was ‘Sympathy’ (from the Album Firefly). After that Hensley moved behind the organ. Heep started to play their old hits: stealin’ (from Sweet Freedom) ja Look At Yourself (from the album of the same name). After that the fence that was built from 15 meters from the stage broke down. Ken Hensley took an acoustic guitar and played their old hit Lady In Black. The audience sang with him and Kerslake came from behind the drum kit to play the tamburine. The rest of the band remained quiet during this number. They played ‘The Wizard’ (from Demons And Wizards) next and the audience was thrilled. Then followed their constant live number ‘July Morning’ which stretched out to be quite long and ‘Free Me’, their latest single accompanied with fuzz guitar.

Heep closed with their old single hit ‘Easy Livin’. The audience wanted them back and after a short jam session we heard ‘Sweet Lorraine’ (from The Magician’s Birthday album). From all Ruisrock performers Heep had prepared their set most best. Rockets and other explosions made the show very lively. Box handled his guitar with skill. Bolder and Lawton, the two newest members. Surprised with really energetic performances. Kerslake took care of the drums with routine, and Hensley also the organ, guitars and vocal harmonies. Uriah Heep saved what was there to be saved from this year’s Ruisrock.

Heep is still going strong!"

Clip 2


"Come closer, come on" urged John Lawton the audience - and they came with strength. The steel fence broke down for the first time in the long Rusrock history. Uriah Heep who were rensosible for the riot, played for the second time in Turku. The pauses between acts were unbearably long, the rain came down and soaked the audience and the cold air frosted the breath. Ruisrock 1978 showed that the best days the festival are inevitably over.

Uriah Heep was the only band who managed to warm up the crowd. Their show started with smoke bombs. The veteran rockers raged to give everyone worth their money and used all their familiar stage acts.

‘Look At Yourself’, ‘Lady In Black’, ‘Easy Livin’’ ... Heavyrockers got to hear all the best known Heep songs. The band worked hard and won their audience. The Heepguys were satisfied with the reaction from the crowd because their hard rock doesn’t seem to work that well everywhere."

Clip 3


"Down with the fences"!

"Uriah Heep, the heavy rock king from the early 70’s, did what they were expected to do - made the audience wild with festival spirit. Unfortunately this happened just in the end of the festival and with questionable way. It’s hard to say what they band were expected but they couldn’t give much musically. They didn’t show anything new and probably wouldn’t have been able to. Now the old songs raised some nostalg, the old Ruiscrock spirit and a the spirit of rebellion that is charasteristic to rock music. The audience tore down the fence that separated the stage from the festival area and rushed like maniacs. Uriah Heep seemingly took the victory but the real star of Ruisrock, The Boowtown Rats, were left without any glory. Next year Boowtown Rats would blow Ruisrock up but I doubt if they'll get them then.

6000 people rushed over the fences after the band ordered them not caring about the bouncers. "This hasn’t happended in years!" shouted one youngster as he ran by."

Walls came down