Artist Title Original title Title of record Format Year  
  Lemon Nainen tummissa Lady In Black Vanha vakaa - Lemon lp 1972 1)
  Danny Itsesi näät vain, et enempää Look At Yourself Käärme lp 1972  
  Karma Pakoon pahaa maailmaa Stealin’ Karma lp 1973  
  Kalmar Union Sadetta vain Rain Kalmar Union lp 1973  
  Danny Miehen tie Blind Eye Mentävä on lp 1973  
  Kosmos Viisi varmaa Easy Livin’ Kosmos lp 1974  
  Alwari Tuohitorvi Sweet Lorraine (live version)   Poptorin parhaat cd 1974 2)
  Sleepy Sleepers Pihipoika July Morning Sinulle äiti lp 1975 3)
  Frederik Pois luotas kiidän Free Me Tuu to tangoon lp 1978  
  Gulliver Nainen Tummissa Lady In Black Gulliver - Ou jee lp 1978  
  Taiska Systeemi The System Ei voittajaa lp 1982 4)
  Pate Mustajärvi Kipsi Gypsy Nyt! lp 1984 5)
  Keba Nainen tummissa Lady In Black Nana 7” 1986  
  Jam Jam Kummajainen Lady In Black Jam Jam cd 1987 6)
  First Nainen Tummissa Lady In Black Katse vain cd 1991 1)
  Vilperin Perikunta Piirimyyjä Easy Livin’ Vilperin perikunta lp 1992 7)
  Vilperin Perikunta Joulupukki Easy Livin’ Joulupukki 7” 1992 7)
  Shamaani Duo Nisson Cahppees Biktasiinnes Lady In Black Hunka lunka cd 1996 8)
  Popeda Kipsi (live version) Gypsy Tampere Live cd 1997 5)
  Osmo’s Cosmos Lady In Black (live version)   70's Rock'n'Roll Show cd 1997  
  Evoluutio Nainen tummissa Lady In Black Munkkivuoren Ala-asteen Oppilasmusiikkia cd 2002  
  Professori Heikkerö Pihipoika July Morning Alkoholistit Areenalla cd 2002 3)
  Leningrad Cowboys Easy Livin’ (live version)   Global Balalaika Show cd & dvd 2003  
  Osmo’s Cosmos Lady In Black (live version)   70's Rock'n'Roll Show dvd 2005  
  Samuli Edelmann & Laura Malmivaara Easy Livin’   cds 2006 9)
  Ensiferum Lady In Black   One More Magic Potion cds 2007  
  Osmo’s Cosmos Uriah Heep Medley   Hulluna Huomiseen cd 2007 10)
  Pikku-Orava Easy Livin’   Kesä seedee cd 2007 11)
  Fratres Gypsy   Fratres cd 2007 12)
  Fratres Rain   Fratres cd 2007 12)
  Fratres Rainbow Demon   Fratres cd 2007 12)
  Oulu All Star Big Band & J. Ahola Easy Livin'   Big Band Goes Heavy cd 2010 13)
  Additional information:  
  All the 'Lady In Black' versions sung in Finnish have lyrics written by Vexi Salmi, they all are the same exceptthe lryics in Jam Jam's version are slightly altered
  1) This is the same band, they were called Lemon in 1972 when they recorded the first version but the second version was released as First  
  2) This was recorded for a radio program in 1974 but released for the first time in 2000  
  3) Professori Heikkerö made a cover version of this song originally covered by Sleepy Sleepers  
  4) The original is Ken Hensley's solo song  
  5) These are with the same lyrics, Mustajärvi is the singer of Popeda, he recorded this first for his solo album  
  6) All versions of 'Lady In Black' sung in Finnish use the same lyrics except Jam Jam's version has slightly altered lyrics  
  7) These are basically the same versions but with slightly different lyrics, 'Joulupukki' (=Santa Claus in English) is a Christmas single  
  8) Sung in Lappish traditional style of singing called 'Joiku'  
  9) This was recorded for a Finnish film called 'A Man Exposed' and released as promo single, it is sung by two leading actors in the film  
  10) Medley includes July Morning, Gypsy & Easy Livin’  
  11) Pikku-Orava (=Little Squirrel) is an animated character similar to Chipmunks or Smurfs  
  12) Fratres is a band with singer, drummer, bass player and three accordions, no guitars!  
  13) Big band recording with vocalist from a metal band singing