John Lawton



CD: Hypertension 0198 HYP
Released in 2000

1. SHE'S SO FINE (She's All Mine) (Skitschak/Lawton/Papst/Birawsky) 4:28
2. SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE (Lawton/Skitschak/Papst) 3:37
3. CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND (Papst/Skitschak/Birawsky/Lawton) 3:23
4. TOMORROW (Skitschak/Birawsky/Lawton/Papst) 3:42
5. STARLIGHT ANGEL (Papst/Skitschak/Lawton) 4:01
6. FOOLS GAME (Skitschak/Lawton/Papst/Birawsky) 3:27
7. PAYIN' MY DUES TO THE BLUES (Lawton/Papst/Skitschak) 3:40
8. I'LL BE YOUR MAN (Skitschak/Lawton/Papst) 3:50
9. BIG FAT MONEY (Papst/Skitschak/Birawsky/Cooke) 3:17
10. TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS (Woods/Campbell/Connelly) 4:47
11. TONIGHT (Lawton) 4.47
12. PAYIN' MY DUES TO THE BLUES (Reprise) (Lawton/Papst/Skitschak) 2:28

John Lawton - Vocals
Jane Bogaert - Backing vocals
Henner Malecha - Bass guitar
Chris Birawsky - Drums, percussion & backing vocals
GŁnther Skitschak - Acoustic & electric guitar
Bobert Papst - Acoustic & electric guitar, hammond
Reinhold Hoffmann - Saxophone & trumpet

Special guests:
Sigi Grasser - Bass guitar on "Soldiers Of Fortune",
"Big Fat Money" & " Can't Get You Out Of My Mind"
Wolf Wolff - Drums on "Tonight" & "Payin' My Dues... (Reprise)"
Steve Kingston - Guitar on "Payin' My Dues..."
Susi Weiss - Piano on "Try A Little Tenderness"
Bruno Hoffmann - Trumpet on " Can't Get You Out Of My Mind"

Produced by Bobert Papst, co-produced by GŁnther Skitschak
Horns arranged by Reinhold Hofmann
Recorded & mixed by Bobert Papst at S-base Soundsystem Munich
Inner sleeve photography by Stefan Malzkorn