From A Glimpse Of Glory revised version,

also on Running Blind special limited edition
I was living on a tighest rope around
I really didnít know where to go
Now Iím living in the brightest hope I found
And itís all because of who I know

Many days when I couldnít tell right from wrong
And I couldnít even find a song
There was a sadness in my heart
But I knew just where to stop and where to go
Because of who I know

I can dance at the speed of light
Because of who I know
And I can sing to the beat of my heart
Because of who I know
And I will love you every day of my life
Because of who I know, who I know

There was a time when I really had lost my way
When I didnít know the time or place
Looked around without an answer anywhere
And I never thought to try a prayer

Came a day when I found out who to trust
And heís waiting there for all of us
Put my faith in the blood of Jesus Christ
And in his sacrifice, he paid the price
And heís who I know