From Blood On The Highway
So you wanna be a big-time rock star
Without my help you know you wonít get too far
Just give me everything, you might get something
But be prepared to walk away with nothing

Iím out here waiting if you wanna join me
Bring me your life and donít disappoint me
I know you want it so donít keep me waiting
Iím rock and roll, I only want your soul

You can get there but I wonít say how
Youíll never get there on your own anyhow
I think itís only fair that I should tell you now

Thereís blood on the highway
So many lies between the lines
Thereís blood on the highway and a lot of it is mine

Donít look for reasons and aonít ask me questions
I have the plan and I donít need suggestions
Iíve been doing this a real long time
Jimmy and Janis were both friends of mine
You think youíre ready for the grand adventure
You say thereís nothing out there to prevent ya
Iím here to tell you that it wonít last long
Iíll still be here after youíre long gone

I know the secret of your wildest dreams
Iíve got the keys to your limousine
Just give me everything and leave it all to me