From The Last Dance
Iím crying
From deep in my soul
To the core of my heart
Iím crying

And Iím crying
For the door to close so
I can make a new start
Iím crying

Iím trying
To understand it all
How I missed the call
Iím trying

And Iím dying
From the pain inside
And all the tears Iíve cried
Iím dying

I wanna hold you again
ĎTill the nightmare ends
Let our love wash away the lost years
I wanna kiss you again
I wanna kill the pain
And swim in the flood of our tears
But I canít do that now
Because youíre far away from me
I let you go somehow and now
Itís much too late to see the light

One mistake, is that all it takes
To erase the love of my life
Seems insane that one momentís shame
Can wipe out all that Iíve done right
And I tried, how I tried
Still our love found a place to hide
And Iíve tried, God knows Iíve tried
Still our love left and died