From Running Blind
Finney was a fighter
He had both feet on the ground
He was a regular guy just like you and me
But Finney’s change of fortune
Waited just around the corner
He was just about to meet his destiny

Well, they picked him off the streets
And put him straight into the light
Said we’re gonna name
The series after you
We’re gonna show them
How a loser turned into a winner
Go on Finney, show ‘em what you can do

Well it all went as planned
He was an overnight success
And year after year
Was filled with promise
He had all that he required
But it wasn’t all his heart desired
And he sometimes found it hard
Just being honest

Fame is fortune’s prison
It’s so easy getting in
But it’s a different story
Trying to change direction
So Finney turned to drinking
And he started his downhill slide
Just another lost to add to life’s collection

And of course they all put Finney down
Said he’d lost all his ambition
But to me he was a giant among men
For out of all his heartache
And his see-through reputation
Finney just wanted to be Finney again

La la la …