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LP: Bronze BRON 533 CD: Repertoire REP 4343-WY (1993) Originally released in 1980 Side A 1. INSIDE THE MYSTERY (Williams) 4.36 2. NEW YORK (Hensley) 2.25 3. THE SYSTEM (Hensley) 2.35 4. WHEN (Hensley) 3.48 5. NO MORE (Hensley) 4.36 Side B 1. BROWN EYED BOY (Hensley) 4.03 2. DO YOU FEEL ALRIGHT (Hensley) 2.52 3. TELEPHONE (Hensley) 3.09 4. WOMAN (Hensley) 3.21 5. NEW ROUTINE (Hensley) 3.28

Drums - JIM TOOMEY on A1, GEOFF ALLAN on A2 - A5 & B4, IAN PAICE on B1 (& b-side 'Inspiration') and KENNY JONES on B3 Bass guitar - DENNY BALL on A1 & B4, TREVOR BOLDER on A2 & B3, GARY TAYLOR on A3 - A5 and MARK CLARKE on B1 (& b-side 'Inspiration') Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & All other instruments (on B2 & B5 vocals & instruments) - KEN HENSLEY Recorded At Roundhouse Recording Studios, London, T.W. Music, London, Dodgy Demos, Berkshire Produced And Mixed by KEN HENSLEY; Assisted by JOHN GALLEN Mixed At Roundhouse Recording Studios Engineered by JOHN GALLEN, TONY PATRICK, LAWRENCE BURRAGE Mastered At Town House Studios, London Assisted by JULIAN COOPER.; Personal Assistance CHRIS COCKRAM Cover by MARTIN POOLE & LINDA CURRY ADDITIONAL SONG: INSPIRATION (Hensley) 3.17 B-side of 'The System' single. SINGLE RELEASES The System / Inspiration UK ps 1980 Bronze BRO 117 No More / The System UK 1980 Bronze BRO 145 No More / The System Germany ps 1980 Bronze 102996 ALBUM RELEASES LP: Bronze BRON 533 1980 UK LP: Bronze 203456 1980 GER LP: Bronze VIP-6770 1980 JAP CD: Repertoire REP 4343-WY 1993 GER

INSIDE THE MYSTERY Mysteries sometimes need Special people to stop and read In between the written lines To find the meaning inside the mystery Inside the mystery... You and I, we take it slow Writing stories as we go Understanding what we see To the world it's hidden deep Inside the mystery... To you and I everything is fine To the world it ain`t so right Bur who's to say who's right And who's wrong Let us move along tonight When you and I have travelled on to Greener pastures and clearer seas We will live in all their dreams Inside the mystery Maybe it's an illusion or a masquerade Or it could be a decision That only you and I can make While jokers come in thousands And the actor hopes to deceive You and I have a paradise Right here inside the mystery... NEW YORK New York, you're such a fickle city You've got a heart But you won't admit it You've got a soul And I'd like to get in it But you can't have My dreams in exchange 'Cause I came to you With an open mind With my heart full of hope Of a special kind But the doors stayed closed For the longest time So I thought of inside Wondering what I might find But you played with my illusion 'Till my image laughed in my face I would have loved to love you But my heart needs a different space New York, New York ... THE SYSTEM The night is closing in on another day A momentís peace some time To sleep my dreams away But not enough to hide from the truth 'Cause the system's gonna get you Come what may Sooner or later it's gonna find a way You're gonna see, there's no escape From the system Try as you do You're just not getting thru' Makes no difference what you try to do You won't be satisfied you'll have Frustration at your side Put it to the test To hell with the rest Make your deal with the devil You'll find it hard to stay alive Just to survive Itís the system ... WHEN When will you rise When will you rise again When will you rise And show me the way I need you now in my uncertainty I need your strength To face the new day Swept off my feet By life's sweet mystery Sometimes it's hard Just getting along I know you're there Why won't you come to me You know I'm lost without a song Dance with me, sweet inspiration Seems to me only you know how Dance with me, oh dance with me Share my fantasy just for now Inspiration's gonna rise again Gonna take me by surprise again You'll see the light in my eyes again Inspiration's gonna rise again NO MORE You've been cheating me so long Giving me the run around Spreading evil everywhere you go But I tell you here and now You will pay the price somehow You can say goodbye To everyone you know 'Cause I won't take no more No more, no more of your lies No no no more No more, no more You mean one thing And say another Trying to confuse your brother It's all too much For me to understand For you will need my help one day And I just might turn you away Think about that while you're Holding out your hand So you think you can run around Breaking people's hearts Tearing apart the ones You should love Well, I think you would be wiser To heed the prophets words One false move and All your love is lost Write it down to experience It's all part of life And who will be the loser in the end But is that really what it's all about Is it reason enough To sing and shout You lost another lover But you've also lost a friend No more, no more No more of your lies No no no more No more, no more

BROWN EYED BOY Well I picked her up on the 44 One evening back in July She looked so pretty In the full moonlight That I just couldn't pass her by And we hadn't rolled But a mile or more Before the lady started Making her moves It was becoming steadily clearer That she was into a boogie groove Well she said she was hurtiní From too much flirtin' And I shouldn't get the wrong idea So I said what's a pretty girl like you Doin' in a place like here Well she got into a fix Lookiní for some kicks Her high ideals had been blown So I tried to be nice, I told her twice She was the prettiest girl in town And she said brown eyed boy Play me a rock 'ní roll tune And maybe there's a chance we can Dance by the light of the moon Yeah, brown eyed boy Wonít you play me a rock 'n roll tune And maybe there's a chance we can Dance by the light of the moon DO YOU FEEL ALRIGHT Do you feel alright ... One in the morning I'm always on the run And still it seems I never get far The road's never ending It looks like I've just begun And life's just a game and I'm playing my part When will I see you I'm longing to hold you Just the sound of your voice Will help me through TELEPHONE Well, I'm sitting by the telephone Waiting for you to call I've got the welcome light shining Got the red carpet down in the hall And my heart starts jumping Just thinking about The sound of your voice You know I hate to wait but l love you, so I got no choice They say absence makes The heart grow fonder But I'll go crazy if I wait much longer I'm beginning to wonder If you remember our love at all Well, the problems of the night Seem much better in the light of day But if you don't hurry honey then I'll have to give my heart away lt takes a certain kind of man to Let this loneliness go on and on You know I hate to wait By tomorrow l just might be gone I picked up the phone As soon as it rang Picked up the phone And my heart really sang And I suddenly forgot all the trouble I'd been thinkiní about You said goodbye And I said I love you You said hold on and I said forever And then you were gone and I was left alone with my doubt WOMAN Woman you are a mystery to me You're really not what I thought You would be from the start And I've tried just as hard As any man can But you never seem to Understand my heart Woman Lady we've been together For a good long time But every time I start to think You're all mine, you stand back I tried but I'm slowly Running out of ideas And my joy is quickly Turning to tears and that's a fact Woman, you gotta trust me If we're gonna stay in love Then you know Thats the way that it must be Won't you try a little harder To understand NEW ROUTINE New routine ... Risin' early, sleepin' easy I got myself a new routine Time for talkin' and lazy walkin' Rememberin' the things I've seen New routine Iíve got myself a new routine If I keep smilin' it'll turn to laughin' And day by day Get better and better Got a lady in this eye of mine Gonna quit my dreaming Go on out and get her Sometimes people change their names But stay the same inside To me it's such a pointless exercise Wouldn't it be better If they changed their ways And made a little sacrifice They might become so much wiser You never know, no you never know Appreciation and dedication Coming from my Dim and distant past But with patience We might stay together And find a love that just might last

INSPIRATION B-side of 'The System' single. You used to be my inspiration You showed me which way to go Yeah, we've been into this complication And I'm back out in the cold It isn't only the hurt I feel You see I just don't understand And like a storm in the midst of summer You messed up all my plans And if you can't give me a reason Won't you spare me a word Tell me not to believe in The things I've heard You can't tell me goodbye Without telling me why You can't expect me to Believe a single word, no no no no You used to be my inspiration Oh, but where did you do You used to be my inspiration When I needed you so You used to be my inspiration Oh, but where did you do You used to be my inspiration You know I needed you so You used to be my inspiration Oh, but where did you do You used to be my inspiration

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