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CD: Red Steel RMC 0195 Released in 1994 1. INSPIRATION (Hensley) 3.17 *** 2. I DON'T WANNA WAIT (Hensley) 4.08 3. THERE COMES A TIME (Hensley) 3.56 4. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Hensley) 3.25 5. YOU (Hensley) 3.26 6. THE NAME OF THE GAME (Hensley) 3.23 7. GUILTY (Hensley) 2.57 8. WHO WILL SING FOR YOU (Hensley) 2.52 *** 9. MAYBE YOU CAN TELL ME (Hensley) 3.25 10. FREE SPIRIT (Hensley) 3.24 11. COLD AUTUMN SUNDAY (Hensley) 6.54 12. LONGER SHADOWS (Hensley) 3.16 13. BLACK-HEARTED LADY (Hensley) 3.30 14. TAKE CARE (Hensley) 2.54 15. DOES ANYTHING MATTER (Hensley) 3.54 16. IF I HAD THE TIME (Hensley) 5.15 *** = Single b-sides, all other tracks are previously unreleased demo recordings

Track 1 recorded 1979 with Ian Paice - drums & Mark Clarke - bass guitar Tracks 2 & 3 recorded 1982 (drums & bass players not identified) Track 4 recorded 1980 with Geoff Allan - drums & Denny Ball - bass guitar Track 5 & 9 recorded 1979 with Henry Spinetti - drums, Dave Markee - bass guitar & B.J. Cole - pedal steel Track 6 recorded 1979 with Simon Kirke - drums, Boz Burrell - bass guitar & Mick Ralphs - guitar Track 7 recorded 1979 with Linton Naiff - piano Track 8 recorded 1974 with Bugs Pemberton - drums & Mark Clarke - bass guitar Track 10 recorded 1976 with Kenny Jones - drums & Trevor Bolder - bass guitar Tracks 11, 12, 13 & 16 recorded in 1971 with Paul Kossof - guitar & Simon Kirke - drums Tracks 14 & 15 demos recorded 1975, no other musicians Produced by Ken Hensley Executive Production: ROBERT M. CORICH & PAUL HONEYFIELD for Red Steel Productions Recording and Mixing Engineers JOHN GALLEN, TONY PATRICK, PETER GALLEN, ASHLEYHOWE, JOHN FISHBACK Assintant Engineer JULIAN COOPER Recorded in the UK at Dodgy Demos, The Roundhouse, Luxembourg Studios, Nova Sound and Crystal Studios, in the USA 'Name Of The Game' mixed at CTS, March 1994 by PAUL GOLDING Mastered by NICK WATSON at SRT for Red Steel Productions Artwork by Creation Graphics, Luton, England Sleene notes by KEN HENSLEY and ROBERT M. CORICH

INSPIRATION You used to be my inspiration You showed me which way to go Yeah we've been into this complication And I'm back out in the cold It isn't only the hurt I feel You see I just don't understand And like a storm in the midst of summer You messed up all my plans And if you can't give me a reason Won't you spare me a word Tell me not to believe in The things I've heard You can't tell me goodbye Without telling me why You can't expect me to Believe a single word, no no no no I DON'T WANNA WAIT I dont wanna wait until tomorrow I don't wanna wait another day I don't wanna live with all this sorrow I'll just have to find another way Seeing as how you've kept me Hanging around for all this time Playing with my mind and leaving All our love behind But it's time for a decision Should I stay or should I go I need our love to grow But there's so much I wanna know 'Cause in my heart and in my head Are thoughts of how it just to be But a world of memories Is only emptiness to me And it's not a false illusion I can see what's going on If the magic's really gone Then this is not where I belong And I ask myself the questions That confusion seems to bring While the answers stay so thin Upon the ground where I begin THERE COMES A TIME There comes a time in every man's life He just forgets where he's going There comes a time and he'll know just when 'Cause he'll simply stop growing Without a deep imagination Fear and doubt will quickly spread And it's a hopeless situation But that's how it looks inside his head There comes a time There comes a time to make up your mind Time to face up to the problem Every single day is a part of your life And nothing can be forgotten Time and time and time again Who knows where and who knows when It could happen any time But it's too late to change your mind There comes a time And it's too late to change your mind There comes a time ... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT You came to me With your eyes wide open And you offered me your heart You chose a time When my soul was in trouble You let your love play its part Love at first sight I felt Cupid's arrow bite Love at first sight Won't you carry me away I swear that you must have Come to me from heaven Exactly in time of need I can't imagine all the things That might have happened If my heart had not been freed We'll share our secrets And dwell on the subjects That please us and make us feel good Safe in our love world Our secret above world That no one else ever understood YOU If only you were a healer You could cure me of all my ills And if you were the kind To take care of my mind You'd be sure that my cup was filled But you're only the greatest lady And you only fulfill all my dreams And I doubt if I could love you Any more than I do You're my everything If you took my hand and we danced on a star Or predicted some event from afar Offered me gold at the end of a rainbow I'd still love you just the way you are I'd still love you just the way you are So there's something I'm looking for Though I don't know what or where And it seems when I hold out my hand in need There's no one and nothing to share It doesn't matter what you try to be You'll only ever be you to me I've gotta stay blind To your sad charade 'Cause I know it's only A game you play Yes, I know it's only A game you play And I'd still love you Just the way you are I'd still love you just the way you are ... THE NAME OF THE GAME Here comes trouble In the shape of the lady She started cool but now She's coming 'round daily She's got some big ideas About being my baby It's her game with the name of love Now she's sure pretty That I have to confess But no five-star fox Is getting me in a mess Let's buy a ring, she says Go out and get blessed It's her game and she calls it love Rock 'n' roll rules my soul Pushing everything And everyone to one side But when it all grows old The chill's still cold When I sing with my sweet guitar ... GUILTY She's guilty of deceiving me She said she was in love with me Worse, still, how long it took to see How cruel love can be She twisted my words Though I gave her love In the face of her lies She is the devil in a fancy dress She wears her passion As a thin disguise And now that we have parted And gone our separate ways We can look back on all those wasted days For there's a lesson inside our story It haunts my memory It taught me how hard the learning can be WHO WILL SING FOR YOU Who will sing for you When you need a song Who will stay with you When it all goes wrong Who will be there when you Feel the weight of a tear And say a prayer that is real Just to lighten your fears When I'm gone I have lived with you Through the good and bad And I've given you Everything I had But I need to be needed Not just used So many times I have pleaded But I have been abused So now I'm gone How long should a man be expected to live Without a heart and nothing to give MAYBE YOU CAN TELL ME It's not that I no longer love you For I loved you once so much And it can't be that I've grown to hate you For it's just not in my heart To bear a grudge So why when someone mentions your name Do I naturally assume it's the same, maybe Maybe you can tell me Do you know something I don't know Maybe you can tell me Is there really no place left for us to go And if you speak Will I believe what you say Or will I dwell on the day You nearly broke my heart If you only knew how I wanted all to be true I really need to know What keeps us apart I can't put it all down to emotion Lord that's just a worn-out excuse You're offering me your love And that is something I just can't refuse So I promise I'll try to welcome your name And I'll tell myself you wanna do the same 'Cause maybe

FREE SPIRIT When I was young And my spirit was free to ride No one I knew had anything to hide But all of this is Changing with the days I walked into a disillusioned maze Those crazy, crazy Mellow, yellow days Are lost in a so-called Sophisticated haze But I can still remember Being care-free And no one knows it better than me 'Cause I'm a free spirit And I'm looking for a place to run A free spirit of the wind And a free spirit Needs to be complete I've got to have the world at my feet Now my time has come and I'm dealing with here and now And I'm gonna have to Take care of it somehow And I don't intend to wait For the cover of night The only way I know Is to get up and fight I'm a free sipirit And I'm looking for a place to run A free spirit of the wind And a free spirit Needs to be complete I've got to have the world at my feet COLD AUTUMN SUNDAY When the leaving birds Fill the stone grey sky And the green, green leaves Turn away and die And the once warm sun Has to run and hide And the Winter clouds Begin their stormy ride Cold black shadows cross my eyes And help to make me realize You've gone, oh Cold Autumn Sunday Still I'll walk along The paths we shared And I'll try to recreate The love we had For you were my life And my heart is sad And it's strange how Autumn Used to make me glad Only now an empty sky is there To let me know how much I care You're gone, oh Cold Autumn Sunday I'm near to dying No use denying that it's true Spent my whole time crying And finding ways of Trying not to be blue Oh, over you LONGER SHADOWS Winter came today And took the sun away Leaving me with nothing But the stars to play But I'm sure that I won't Let it bring me down The rough comes with the smooth But that's what life is about Working on the principle That you'll be here I can stand alone for quite a while I know I can learn to live The changes of the year Mellow in the river of your smile I know that the season's queen Can hear me She's bringing longer shadows To the trees Perhaps she knows I'd love to Have you near me So she tries her very best to please Her best to please I suppose I'll always have These memories When we are together once again Of the days which were So long and lonely 'Till the longer shadows And all the golden meadows Told me that the time had come For us to love again BLACK-HEARTED LADY Reading between the lines I find You don't mean what you say You cheated and you lied And how you made me hurt inside You turned my days Into darkest nights And rearranged my dreams You're just not what you seem Black-hearted lady I'm from the land So you won't understand my grief I've lived in vain belief In a world of poisoned words And everywhere I look I find no answer to my prayer You're just not there Black-hearted lady TAKE CARE Demo version of Footprints In The Snow. Just like footsteps in the snow Who knows where my heart will go Will it lead me to you Or will I see another empty day Seasons come and quickly go Kinda makes me wonder If they know Why my heart keeps Running near and far If only they would tell me Where you are If you've ever been in love Then you'll know the rocky road I'm speaking of You'll remember when The times were good And the times you had to do without Think carefully my friend It may look like the start But it could be the end I'm not trying to bring you down I'm so tired of running around I won't make The same mistakes again Think carefully my friend Think carefully my friend You've got to Think carefully my friend I should've Thought carefully my friend DOES ANYTHING MATTER Demo version of Woman Of The World Once was a boy from Dubrovnik Who insisted on pissing in public When asked for his reason He said it's the season For farting and changing the subject Did you ever meet the kind of a lady She lives her whole life Saying maybe Running here and there As she pleases Not a thought for the people She teases Though she never Thinks of settling down She'll spend time Turning your head around But don't let your heart start dancing The lady don't waste No time romancing Are you mine or are you A woman of the world Are you really so different Fom all the other girls Do you care that I care About the things that you do Does anything matter to you Does anything matter to you Once in a garden of glory Someone sowed The seeds of this story And the whole thing began With a woman and a man And still it's something No one understands What I wanna know is Does anything matter to you ... Does anything at all matter to you IF I HAD THE TIME If I had the time to re-live my life I don't think I'd care To change a thing As long as I find Just a little peace of mind I can dream and laugh, I can sing I can have my fun With the silver stars I can watch the sun Fall in the sea if I want to And if it rains I will smile just the same For the rain will make The flowers sing I know how it is to feel sad I know how it is when things go bad But I'm sure that I have found the way I'm happy here and here I'll stay
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