From The Last Dance
I was downtown drinking with the boys
All of a sudden coming out of the noise
One of my so-called friends
About ruined the night

He told me youíve been seen around
Told me youíve been playing the town
Seemingly without respect
For the fact that youíre mine

If you think youíre coming back to me
Youíre adding insult to injury
You better try your luck some other day

When you can give me a reason
Give me a reason
Give me a reason - a reason to stay
Give me a reason to stay

The more I realise the more it hurts
Youíre out there acting
Like some smalltown flirt
Telling me youíre spending your nights
Dreaming of me

Youíre asking me to overlook
Asking me to let you off the hook
Well obviously thatís not
The way itís gonna be

Youíre so busy making up my mind
Iím gonna do it in my own sweet time
Come back baby when youíve got
Something better to say