From A Glimpse Of Glory,

also on Running Blind regular edition
Twisted images and broken promises
One long crisis day after day
Hidden secrets and empty words
Without any truth to light the way

Is that what love is ...

You wonít stop trying but you canít stop crying
You say youíre looking but you still canít see
You throw the cards and you read the stars
But only love can make it what you want it to be

You know what love is ...

Itís up to you
Only you can make it grow
Itís up to you
Hold on tight, donít let it go, oh no!

You think youíre somewhere but youíre going nowhere
Itís all an illusion, or thatís what you say
Thereís always a risk in an affair of the heart
If depends on the price youíre prepared to pay

I know what love is ...