From A Glimpse Of Glory,

also on Running Blind regular edition
Iíve been standing on the edge
For a little too long
Waiting for the door to be opened
Iíve been hanging on the brink, biding my time
Wondering if the spell would be broken
Iíve seen a million words
Of wisdom lost in the wind
Heard the voices of
The desperate and the dreamers
And I knew that any moment
Theyíd be calling my name
To see if I was ready for the game

So Iím moving, moving in the for kill
Got a date with a man
Who says heíll watch me fall
Gonna take this chance
Iím moving in for the kill
This time Iím gonna have it all

Iím moving in
And I wonít make no mistake
For the kill
Iím gonna see what I can take
Iím moving in
Now that my timeís come around
For the kill
Iím going up and Iím never coming down

Got the songs in my pocket, the ideas in my head
Iím looking for a little inspiration
It isnít just the money that gets me out of bed
Iíve got to have a little motivation
I ainít got no grand illusion
Iím better than the rest
But thereís a fire in my heart
That makes me wanna be the best
Iíve got my finger on the trigger
I know where I wanna be
And everything is ready as far as I can see

Moving in ... For the kill ...