From Blood On The Highway
Okay… okay…
We’re glad you’re still around
We’ve got to go, it’s sad to say
But that’s okay because
This house is down

Take it to another town, get down
Turn the whole thing right around
And head back into the night
Gonna have the big fun, job done
Riding on a number one
Tonight… tonight… tonight!

Thank you all for being here
From the bottom of my Heart
It’s been a night to remember
And you really did your  part
We came to town to rock and roll
You came and gave your heart and soul
But all good things must end
So I say to you my friends

Running on a fine line, big time
Tryna make another dime
This game’s just getting started
Now it’s time to love you, leave you
But I know we’ll see you
On the other side of this fantasy