From The Last Dance
There’s a hole in our love
Don’t know where it came from
Or how it got there
There’s a hole in my heart
And there’s no way to live
With the pain there

Can we go back in time
Can we go back and find
All the bridges we crossed
All the love we lost

We knew something was wrong
And we both should have seen it coming
We kept cruising along
Until nothing turned into something

Can we have it again
Can we even be friends
Do we have enough time
Or is this how it ends

I believe in love forever
I believe in us together
We can’t waste another minute
Forget all this, there’s nothing in it

Think about the love we’ve tasted
Forget about the time we’ve wasted
No more losing, only winning
A second chance, a new beginning

We leave it all in the past
Behind us at last
Keep on holding my hand
The original plan