From A Glimpse Of Glory
Another victim lying in the street
Just another statistic on the news
Tonight another mother cries herself to sleep
How many more must she lose?

You know he was her first born baby boy
Yes, he was her pride and joy
But now all that’s left is a memory
Of the pain and sorrow

Where’s the value of the human life?
Lord, no one knows now what is wrong or right

And now you’re standing
Standing on shakey ground
That’s why we’re standing
Standing on shakey ground

Politicians say they’ve got a plan
They know exactly what we need
But no amount of money can buy love
We need a reason to believe

How many children must die on the street?
Lord, before they, start to understand?
What we need is some help from above
We must seek a higher plan

Heavenly father, I know you hear our cry
And I know you are listening
And it comes as no surprise

Now we’re standing
Standing on shakey ground ...
And it will ...