From A Glimpse Of Glory
Well you can do what you wanna do
And you can say what you wanna say
And you can be what you wanna be
On any given day

You can see what you choose to see
And you can be who you wanna be
But Iím gonna be the first in line
When you give your heart away

Suddenly, thatís how you came to me
Out of the blue into my hurting heart

For one tender moment you came into my life
And showed me how good it feels
To be alive when love is in my heart

For one tender moment I knew that you loved me
But now Iím alone with just the emptiness
I feel when weíre apart
For one tender moment

I never spent any time alone
Though I had felt like I was on my own
I never wanted to let go, I had too much to loose
I never felt like my life was mine
I was so tired out of killing time
I felt so lost, so totally lost
So completely confused