From A Glimpse Of Glory,

Also on Blood On The Highway
He could have had most anything
He could have had it all
Put his hands on life and love
Let’em go and watched’em fall
But the spotlight never shone upon his heart
You got to know him on the stage
Where you watched him play his part

Soon, like him the world was at your feet
Seemed it never had to end
You claim you gave him everything
But you forgot to be his friend
When you get so trapped inside it all
I wonder if you can find a way
To separate the music and the man

When the trouble comes
And you have to know it will
He’ll be looking for
Much more than consolation
When the tide turns
And there’s no place left to run
Something or someone
Is gonna have to take the blame

You’d better think twice
There’s gonna have to be a sacrifice
What will be the first to go
Not the music, that I know
You’d better think twice
Or you’ll have to pay a high price
Time to open up your eyes
Are you in love or are you hypnotized
Is it the music or the man?