From The Last Dance
No matter where you are
Youíll hear my voice calling out to you
What else can I do
When my heart is beating
Slightly out of tune
You will know the sound
The voice of love
So pure and crystal clear
Trying to let you know that
Iíve seen enough of living
Without you here

Somewhere in my heart a fire is burning
And the flame will never die
While I watch the wheel of
Fortune turning
And the long nights passing by
Ainít it funny how the time
Seems to go so slow
When youíre looking
Through a crystal ball
And I have to rely on the voice of love
And hope you hear my call

So long ago, so far away
So strong was the love that we shared
And now I find myself standing here
Seeing just how much I cared
ĎCause your love is the only love
Iíll ever want or need
So listen to the voice of love
Listen to my plea

The voice of love