From Running Blind
I donít wanna wait until tomorrow
I donít wanna wait another day
I donít wanna live with all this sorrow
Iíll just have to find another way

Seeing as how youíve kept me
Hanging around for all this time
Playing with my mind and leaving
All our love behind

Well itís time for a decision
Should I stay or should I go
I need our love to grow
But thereís so much I need to know

ĎCause in my heart and in my head
Are thoughts of how it used to be
But a world of memories
Is only emptiness to me

And itís not a false illusion
I can see whatís going on
If the magicís really gone
Then this is not where I belong

And I ask myself the questions
That confusion seems to bring
While the answers stay so thin
Upon the ground where I begin