WEED LP: Philips 510776-2 CD: Second Battle SB 018 (1994) Released in 1971 Side A 1. SWEET MORNING LIGHT (Albes) 5.47 2. LONELY SHIP (Albes) 3.12 3. MY DREAM (Albes) 6.32 Side B 1. SLOWINí DOWN Albes) 4.30 2. BEFORE I DIE (Albes) 3.45 3. WEED (Albes) 7.12

KEN HENSLEY - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards PEET BECKER - Drums REINHOLD SPIEGELFELD - Bass Guitar BERND HOHMANN - Flute WERNER MONKA - Guitar RAINER SCHNELLE - Keyboards Recorded March 1971 at the Windrose-Dumont Time Studio (B.Albes) All titles published by Capriccio Produced by Rainer Goltermann Engineered by W.Claus

SWEET MORNING LIGHT Sweet morning light Sweet morning light Sun shininí bright On everything inside Green is the grass Winter has passed No sign of cloud Wanna shine out loud That I love to live And I live to love in the Sweet morning light Sun in my eyes Is my sweet surprise Now life of lies Or black disguise Good lord of life And precious sight Keep out the storm Try to keep me warm ĎCause I love to live And I live to love in the Sweet morning light LONELY SHIP Where, oh where shall I look my love Where in the world To find a thousand battle ships With all their flags and furl Will the will of life for me today Can a log so sadly sink Of the love we found and cast away That was my everything Iím not saying that Iíll die for you Iím not saying that I long What I mean is I will look for you For itís you who has my soul Far, so far into the empty night My lonely ship will sail Where thereís life There must be love In this world and the next And paths along which lovers walk Whom happiness returns MY DREAM In my dream I saw ahead Another thousand years I saw the vision of a world in fear In my dream And I saw the battle at The whole world lost And left no-one to sit And count the cost In my dream But my head was flying high Above the tired strife I saw beyond The actual waste of life In my dream

SLOWINí DOWN I feel Iím slowiní down Left here to die On the ice cold ground Iíve had my share of trouble And all the misery around I got one day left to live Nothing left to give Take my soul Iím slowiní down I just canít stay around Iíve been abused And Iím leaviní town Iíve had my share of trouble With sorrow followiní me around Iíve seen fightiní, people dyiní Politicians lyiní Take my soul Iím slowiní down BEFORE I DIE Let me see one summer Before I die Free my heart from weary fortune Let me see the light With the stars at night With not of deserving These clouds at its side Before I die Bring no tales of hidden meaning Please donít speak to me of war These are things my heart rejected Oh, forever, never Never cause me pain again Before I die Whatís the use of A life without love With our love is everything Thereís no place for it here or above Yes, love is everywhere Oh, before I die WEED (Instumental)
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