From Blood On The Highway
What you gonna do
When the phone stops ringing
What you gonna do
When the world stops singing your song

What you gonna say
When the partyís over
Where you gonna turn
When it all starts going wrong

How you gonna feel
When your heart starts breaking
When the world you thought you knew
Leaves you cold and shaking
When thereís nothing left to give
ĎCause itís all been taken, itís gone

Can you take your hurting heart
Into a brand new start
And celebrate what you do have
Or are you gonna hang your head
Eeach time the light turns red
And blame the world cause you feel bad
What you gonna doÖ

Brother donít you understand
Thereís a bigger plan
And youíve just finished the first part
You can take a little faith
Into a better place
And face the truth with a new heart