From The Last Dance
Who knows who’s to blame for it
Who knows who will pay for it
And who knows how it came to be
In whose name and by what decree

Is there something out there
Bigger than you and me
Is there someone somewhere
That we can’t see who knows

Do you know what you’re doing here
What did you see in your father’s tears
Anything to show for all these years
Can you really hear a thing
Through the endless cheer

There is something out there
Bigger than you and me
There is someone quite near
That we can see

Maybe I shouldn’t think so much
Maybe I shouldn’t care
Maybe I’m a little out of touch
Who knows, who cares

Who knows what’s in store for us
Who decides peace or war for us
When god wants so much more for us
You decide who you’re gonna trust

You wanna know who this hombre is
You wanna live in the light
You wanna feel the spirit’s kiss
Even though you tried to take his life

Who knows… God knows…