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Live In Moscow Legacy LLP 118 / LLCD 118 Released in May 1988 Side A 1. BIRD OF PREY (Box/Byron/Hensley/Newton) 4.32 2. STEALINí (Hensley) 5.26 3. TOO SCARED TO RUN (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair) 4.00 4. CORINA (Box/Lanzon/Shaw) 3.58 5. MISTER MAJESTIC (Lanzon) 5.45 Side B 1. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke) 4.52 2. JULY MORNING (Hensley/Byron) 8.54 3. EASY LIVINí (Hensley) 2.52 4. THATíS THE WAY THAT IT IS (Bliss) 3.44 5. PACIFIC HIGHWAY (Lanzon/Shaw) 4.53 MICK BOX - Guitar, Vocals LEE KERSLAKE - Drums, Vocals TREVOR BOLDER - Bass Guitar, Vocals PHIL LANZON - Keyboards, Vocals BERNIE SHAW - Lead Vocals (except A5 PHIL LANZON & BERNIE SHAW - Lead Vocals) This album was recorded Ďliveí during the bandís series of ten concerts at the OLYMPISKIJ STADIUM in Moscow, USSR, between 7 & 16 December 1987 Engineers - JANOS MIHALY and GABOR HEDEGUS Mixed at PRT Studios, London, England between 25 April and 8 May 1988 Mixed by Uriah Heep and Bob Mallett. Engineers Bob Mallett and Dave Ford To Cover Variations To Singles Releases BONUS TRACKS ON REMASTERED 1998 RELEASE: 1. GYPSY (Box/Byron) 7.49 Was included on the original cd version of ĎLive In Moscowí, not on lp. Also a b-side of Easy Liviní 12" single. 2. ROCKARAMA (Goalby/Sinclair/Bolder/Kerslake/Box) 10.19 Out-take, previously unreleased. 3. HEARTACHE CITY (Goalby/Sinclair/Bolder/Kerslake/Box) 5.16 Out-take, prevously unreleased. CORINA Youíre too vain, youíre insane You think the world will stop turning ĎCause you ainít around Blind eyes, cheap lines You got the whole band playing But you donít hear the sound Your venom pen Will never poison me I wonít be sticking round that long Corina, whatís this talk of glory Between the sheets in halls of fame Corina, just a hard luck story Bratpack fever Running through your brain Your fast cars, rock stars You were seen at the party But you werenít even there False name, the same game Somebodyís minding your business You donít even care You think itís all Some kind of circus ride You think that someoneís Keeping score MISTER MAJESTIC Mister Majestic fires a gun Mister Majestic He got a lie on his tongue You canít help but listen He got a way with words Donít ask useless questions Unless you want to Leave this world Madam Odessa carries a knife Across to the jailhouse In her pretty style She ainít looking out for business She got a way with words She is gonna take that man For what he done to her This was how the West was won Lawless and unruly Now I guess whatís done, is done She took her old man in cold blood He hit the deck With that si-si-si-sickening thud Life was cheap, thatís what we Always heard about It was over something stupid They could have talked it out This was how the West was won Lawless and unruly Now I guess whatís done, is done Billy thought that Billy was right Where is the killer, nobody knows Heís waiting in the dark saloon For night to close He tried to cheat At the gambling table A stranger pulls and fires As he falls he sees the stranger is Madam in disguise This was how the West was won ... PACIFIC HIGHWAY Tryiní to make it back To my old home town Iíve been driving since The break of dawn Got a feeling like a fever Burning in my brain When I see her Itíll be all gone Pacific highway Getting nearer now And I feel like The dream is coming true Pacific highway Getting closer now I donít need directions To find my way back to you Take another turning On the old creek road Making sure I donít get lost Iím hoping to hell My tacoís reading right Get ahead no matter What the cost Tryiní to take it easy On the old home stretch But city limits come into sight Iím getting ready for my Betty God how I missed that girl Weíre rock-n-rolliní Through the night I donít need directions To find my way back to you I only got five more miles, yeah Only four more miles, yeah I only got three miles, two miles One mile to go Download all lyrics as PDF file from Downloads page Next AlbumPrevious AlbumBack To Album Index