L E E   K E R S L A K E
The Gods, Head Machine, Toe Fat, National Head Band, Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne, Living Loud, Berggren Kerslake Band

LEE KERSLAKE’s first band was called THE PHANTOMS that was formed in 1961 when he was 14.


After some line-up changes the band became TONY SATURN & THE PLANETS.


A few more yers and line-up changes later the name was changed to TRACKMARKS. In 1967 they were a semiprofessional  band playing cover versions.


Kerslake was then asked to join THE GODS that became his first recording band and also first band who recorded his songs. They recorded two lp’s and three 7” singles before disbanding in 1969.


He also took part with some other The Gods members in recording an album as HEAD MACHINE where they all used pseudonyms.


Next Kerslake joined TOE FAT and recorded one lp with them.


After that he formed a new group called NATIONAL HEAD BAND in 1970 who recorded one lp.


After they had split up Lee was asked to join URIAH HEEP where he spend the next 8 years recording nine studio albums, also four live albums have been released from this period.


Kerslake left the band in 1979 and joined ex-Black Sabbath singer OZZY OSBOURNE’s band BLIZZARD OF OZZ.


After recording two albums with them he returned to Heep and stayd with the band until in 2007 he was forced retire from touring because of health reasons. During this second stay he recorded another seven studio albums and he also appears on eight live albums.


In 2004 he also participated in “super group” LIVING LOUD and recorded a studio album. A live CD & DVD  was also released and these recordings have been released several times in various formats.


After leaving Uriah Heep Kerslake has also played concerts with Masters Project as well as with fellow ex-Heep members Ken Hensley, John Lawton & Paul Newton but there are no recordings released from these groups.


His first release after Uriah Heep was a collaboration with Stefen Berggren in BERGGREN KERSLAKE BAND. The five-song EP WALK TALL was released in 2013 in digital format only and the album THE SUN HAS GONE HAZY will be released on CD in January 2014.