Mick Box - guitar from 1970 to present

Mick Box was already a member of pre-Heep group Spice and its predecessor The Stalkers. He was the co-founder of both bands with vocalist David Byron. Box is the only original member still in the band and he has played guitar on all Uriah Heep and Spice recordings ever released. He is indeed Mr. Uriah Heep.


All Uriah Heep & Spice recordings

Besides playing in Spice & Uriah Heep Mick Box has been involved with a couple of projects over the years. He played guitar on two David Byron solo albums: all guitar parts on Take No Prisoners (1975) & on one song 'I Remember' on Baby Faced Killer (1978). He also played guitar on songs 'Maybe I`m Amazed' & 'Stealer' on Spearfish album Back, For The Future (2000). In 2002 he took part (together with Bernie Shaw) in re-recording a new version of 'Lady In Black' with Romanian band Iris. The song was on their album 'Matase Alba' and there was also a promo video filmed featuring both Box & Shaw. In 2011 he played on John Wetton's album Raised In Captivity on song called 'New Star Rising'. In 2014 he played on The Doors song 'Love Her Madly' on album 'Light My Fire – A Classic Rock Salute To The Doors’.