Demons And Wizards Rock Classics RCV029LP Limited edition remastered deluxe double 180 gram blue vinyl in gatefold sleeve Released in October 2010
Record One, Side A
1. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke) 2.59
2. TRAVELLER IN TIME (Byron/Box/Kerslake) 3.26
3. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley) 2.36
4. POET'S JUSTICE (Box/Kerslake/Hensley) 4.14

Record One, Side B
1. CIRCLE OF HANDS (Hensley) 6.34
2. RAINBOW DEMON  (Hensley) 4.30
3. ALL MY LIFE (Box/Byron/Kerslake) 2.46
4. PARADISE (Hensley) 5.15
Record Two, Side A
1. THE SPELL (Hensley) 7.26
2. WHY [extended mix] (Box/Byron/Newton/Hensley) 10.34

Record Two, Side B
1. RAINBOW DEMON [edit] (Hensley) 3.36
2. PROUD WORDS (Hensley) 2.51
3. HOME AGAIN TO YOU [alternate version] (Hensley) 5.36
4. GREEN EYE (Hensley) 3.46
All tracks on Record One plus 'The Spell' on Record Two are original album tracks Bonus tracks (all previously released on 2003 deluxe expanded edition cd release): 'Why' [extended mix] - unedited version of single b-side 'Rainbow Demon' [edit] - edited version of album track 'Proud Words' - out-take from album sessions Home Again To You [alternate version] - out-take from album sessions Green Eye - out-take from album sessions RECORD COMPANY WEBSITE ORDER THE ALBUM HERE