Frontiers FR CD 512 (CD) / FR LP 512 (LP)

Produced by: Mike Paxman
Recorded by: Steve Rispin at 
Liscombe Park Studios, UK in January 2011
Mixed by: Mark 'Tufty' Evans at 
Wispington Studios, UK
Mastered by: Secondwave
Art direction, design & cover artwork: Ioannis
Video director: Andrew Elmslie
Released in April 2011
1. NAIL ON THE HEAD (Box/Lanzon) 4.15
2. I CAN SEE YOU (Box/Lanzon) 4.13
3. INTO THE WILD (Box/Lanzon) 4.20
4. MONEY TALK (Lanzon) 4.44
5. I'M READY (Box/Lanzon) 4.14
6. TRAIL OF DIAMONDS (Box/Lanzon) 6.27
7. SOUTHERN STAR (Lanzon) 4.26
8. BELIEVE (Box/Lanzon) 5.09
9. LOST (Bolder) 4.51
10. T-BIRD ANGEL (Box/Lanzon) 4.01
11. KISS OF FREEDOM (Lanzon) 6.13
Bonus track on Japanese SHM-CD only:
12. HARD WAY TO LEARN ( Bolder) 5.25
Bonus Multimedia Videoclip:

PHIL LANZON - keyboards, vocals
RUSSELL GILBROOK - drums, vocals
BERNIE SHAW - lead vocals (except 9 TREVOR BOLDER - lead vocals)
MICK BOX - guitars, vocals
TREVOR BOLDER - bass, vocals

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NAIL ON THE HEAD In your younger days With your godless ways And your gold crest limousine You were making trends With your so called friends With a power so obscene Then your hollow heart, it was torn apart You were thrown a learning curve If you turn your back on good advice You get what you deserve We hit the nail right on the head We hit the nail right on the head Over and over again ... Heís another guy who just wants to try His best to make things good Heís an honest man with a helping hand From a run down neighbourhood Then you hear the thud You see the blood His good work come undone Step aside for the one who said Only the good die young I hope you donít misunderstand me now ĎCos I donít want to get you down Just looking out at all he things I see And they keep coming round and round Now we have to go down a loverís road On a path that ainít so smooth Many ups and downs Many tears and frowns As the sweethearts look for truth ?? All the lies between what she believes Gonna have to take the fall No fear that she will ever look back As true love conquers all 
I CAN SEE YOU Sheís the candle that lights my room Better look out Ďcos sheís Coming here soon Ooh, youíre in my mind forever I hear every word you say Ooh, you come to me wherever And turn my darkness into day You taught me how to live A life thatís full I never realised what it is to be cool Ooh, you pushed me off the high board And I took it like a man Ooh, and now I hit the high score Hear me Momma if you can I can hear you, I can touch you I can see you in my head I can touch you, I can hear you I can see you in my head Hold on tight to the driving wheel You gave me strength and nerves of steel Ooh, sometimes I do get lonely I roll the dice and say a prayer Ooh, I think about you only I feel the power when youíre there Sheís the candle that lights my room Better look out Ďcos Sheís coming here soon Ooh, if we can stay together Thereíd be nothing in our way Ooh, if this could be forever Here me Momma when I say 
INTO THE WILD The troopers are coming They want me dead, not alive Gonna run into danger When they open fire Donít cry little sister I wonít be coming home Donít cry little sister In the cold hearted winter Dogs are running at my back The nightmare is coming in And Iím on this frozen track Donít cry little sister I wonít be coming home Donít cry little sister Iíll fight this one alone Red blood on the white snowÖ If you think Iím guilty And Iím just a gambling man Well no one is above the law Iím gonna have to make a stand Across the land - theyíre getting closer I keep my ear to the ground They ride me down - got no mercy But I never will be found Oh little sister - donít you cry You know I cannot stay I gotta find a place, a place to hide ĎCos the blood hounds know my way Itís the same old lies Donít believe what you hear about me But Iím gonna fight Ďtill itís over Than face the hanging tree Into the wildÖ 
MONEY TALK Dressed right to please the crowd All eyes can see by the way you walk Watching you dance around Heaven lies down, see the money talk Kiss her in picture books Watching her moves like a hungry hawk Streets full of dirty looks Heaven lies down for the money talk Down for the money Down, down for the money Travel the dusty road Trying your best not to fall apart Let go your heavy load See every manís got a hungry heart Dressed right to meet her crowd All eyes can see by the way she walk Watching her dance around Heaven lies down, see the money talk 
IíM READY The flame burns inside of me Sending me to who knows where Got my finger on the pulse of life I take my chances I donít care Walking with the sun shining Down on my face Seeing all the pieces just fall into place When I feel I can understand Why fate takes a hand And I know that Iím ready Running through the howling wind Moving through the stinging rain If you donít take what is given You only have yourself to blame I know so many people Who never see the light of day All kinds of trouble and worries Seem to get in their way Iím ready 
TRAIL OF DIAMONDS I had a dream at daybreak The whole of time stood still And in my crystal vision I saw a shadow on a hill And then she started walking In to the bright blue sky I tried to follow closely And I knew the reason why Then the dream it turned so slowly Like a dream within a dream She appeared to me so ghostly And she kissed me with a smile And then I saw her falling In to the strangest town Our distance never changing As the walls are crashing down Then the dream it moved so slowly Like a dream within a dream Then she turned to me so ghostly And she kissed mw with a smile Like a secret that the heart makes Must be careful what I wish for Could this dream last forever Until the end of time? With a vision of perfection In this world of ecstasy Need the strength so I can hold on Donít want to die before I wake up I had a dream at daybreak You came and touched my soul The deepest sense of wonder Is knowing how to lose control We left the ground together So easy for us to fly Leaving a trail of diamonds That were seen for miles and miles So the dream that moved so slowly Was a dream within a dream Then she turned to me so holy And she kissed me with a smile 

SOUTHERN STAR Crowds were waiting on the quay For their hero of the sea From the greatest battle won A toast to freedom for everyone He talked of fear and the cannons roar Sent a thousand souls to the ocean floor Victory was a simple plan Put in place by no common man Set sail for the southern star Set sail for the southern star Haul away you restless souls Set sail for the southern star He says that he wonít sail no more Heís hanging up his uniform But he cannot control his soul Heís got to chase that pot of gold Ever fearless universe Hold our nations together Teach these words to young and old Forever Cut the anchor, today we sail On trackless seas through storm and gale To where the deepest water lies To the warmer winds and balmy skies Never to return 
BELIEVE With the light of the world upon us Thereíll be nothing to come between us Something up ahead worth fighting for Youíre thinking that life is easy Thereís a danger you cannot see Do you know who is coming Through your door? To be one and free Thatís all we need Let the morning sunlight Take away your fear Better believe youíll come alive again If you believe that all the world Will change for me and you Better believe youíll come alive again ĎCos when you believe it Then it will happen You will find that thereís so much giving Look for help and see how weíre living Itís all the things youíve Never done before If youíre one and free Thatís all you need Let the morning sunlight Wash away for fear Now I have your concentration Now Iíve got your imagination In a world I could not ask for more When youíre dealing with frustration All you need is determination Thereís so much life worth fighting for 
LOST I could feel you moving in closer But I didnít know you were in disguise And I believed in the power of order But I couldnít tell your truth from the lies Feeling my way, lost in the haze No turning back, lost in your gaze I was free but now I run for cover ĎCos I didnít know if Iíd survive I could feel my heart beat faster But I couldnít tell what she had in mind Lost, so lost in your gaze I canít breathe She pulls me under pressure Holds me down, oh wonít let go I didnít know if she was fire and water I should known she would take control 
T-BIRD ANGEL Sheís got me going crazy Right over the speed of sound And I swear if she knew what she can do This thing would leave the ground Sheís got a streamline body Shines like pearls in a rich manís eyes Sheís there on the list of desire Wonít you let me take my prize I gotta have this T Bird Angel So we can fly away I gotta have this T Bird Angel And drive all night and day Sheís a two door diva Yeah, just what Iím looking for And lost in this moment of madness It only makes me want her more Sheís my one temptation There with her headlights on Sheís never too much to handle On the road where she belongs Weíre burning out on the highway Me with my foot to the floor No wonder why everybody goes crazy Gotta drive this T-Bird more 
KISS OF FREEDOM Looking out at the open space Thereís a new world beginning Got my head a-spinning I had to laugh coz I thought it was Too late to find a rhyme Now Iím breathing, now Iím seeing All the love that is flowing Confidence a-growing Riding high on the magic carpet Way ahead of time Weíll taste the Kiss of Freedom It calls our name And everyone will shine Truth is yours and mine Who cares about right or wrong When itís down to the feeling That sets me heart a-reeling You know it takes no rocket science To know whatís going on Thereíll be hands a-touching hands When we turn to each other From the sky to the gutter And the thrill of a lifetime Coming down and living on Looking out at the open space Thereís a new world beginning Gets your head a-spinning Flying over the wide horizon Far away from time 
HARD WAY TO LEARN On Japanese SHM-CD Only. I should have walked away When I lost faith But I knew deep inside it was no disgrace You see, sometimes in life You have to know your place And it's a hard way to learn I thought I was in control And all I had was safe But there was no way I could know That the risk was too great You see, sometimes life takes you Where you don't wanna go And it's a hard way to learn It burns you up inside There is no truth without lies It takes your soul away 'Cos it's a hard way to learn I watched the world go by From outer space But there's nowhere left to hide In such a lonely place You see, sometimes you just have to Know your place And it's a hard way to learn I'd swim an ocean but I fear Iíd drown Just to escape from this place I'm bound Nobody told me just how hard I would hit the ground If I could leave, if I could only leave I would leave right now It's a hard way to learn