Released on: 'Sonic Origami' September 1998
An edited version was released on U.S. promotional single 6th June 1999
Cover version, originally recorded by Survivor and released on their 'Too Hot To Sleep' album 1988

Time: 5.13
Written by: Jim Peterick & Frank Sullivan
Arranged by: Uriah Heep
Recorded & mixed at: Chipping Norton studios 23/02 - 27/04 & 12 - 18/05/98
Produced by: Pip Williams
Engineered by: Norman Goodman, additional engineering Stuart Campbell
Published by: Song Plugin (ASCAP) / EMI / Easy Action Music (ASCAP) /Famous Music Corp

Mick Box - guitar
Lee Kerslake - drums
Trevor Bolder - bass guitar
Phil Lanzon - keyboards
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals

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