Released on: 'Raging Silence' 1989
Cover version, originally recorded by Le Roux and released on their 'So Fired Up' album 1983

Time: 4.53
Written by: Rod Roddy, Leon Medica, Fergie Frederiksen & Tony Haselden
Arranged by: Uriah Heep
Recorded at: PRT Studios, London 13-21 December 1988 & 14th January/13th February 1989, overdubs at Boathouse Studios, overdubs and mixing at Rooster Studios
Produced & engineered by: Richard Dodd
Pre-production arrangements by: Ashley Howe
Published by: ScreenGems/EMI Music Ltd.

Mick Box - guitar
Lee Kerslake - drums
Trevor Bolder - bass guitar
Phil Lanzon - keyboards
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals

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