BEEN HURT (vocals John Lawton)

Whoah, don't you know
I've been hurt
Oh yeah, don't you know
I've been hurt
Oh babe, you know
You're doin' me wrong, yeah

At the age of eighteen
I had had enough
And by twenty one
I decided to get tough
And then I found the guard 
Was still too rough

Oh yeah, I've been hurt
Ever since that day
I've been hurt
And I've lost my way
I still think I have a chance
To try your love

Well, I tried to love you
One day at a time
Each day waitin'
Hopin' for the sign
It was clear I needed luck
More than this time

My empty heart is
Countin' all the ways
Fire and desire
Sat and count the days
Will you, won't you
When and where
Do you, don't you, do I care
That same eternal question
Is always there
It's always there