The story of my life 
Was written there in front of me 
The book revealed 
The lines upon my face 
After chapter one 
The images of better times 
Turned into a classic cold embrace 
Just throw the book away 
Through your eyes youíll write again 
And the book of lies 
Cuts deep into my mind 
Did I steal your heart 
And leave it in the rain 
Iíll never know, no Iíll never know 
Itís me I recognise 
Or am I getting in too deep 
Itís getting harder now 
To turn the page 
Did I read my name 
Or is it just coincidence 
Only what is true will cure my rage 
Coming to the end 
Sentences are bitter sweet 
Paragraphs that leave me feeling cold 
But itís all too late 
The written world will always be 
The essence of how well 
The storyís told