FEELINGS (vocals John Lawton)

Feelings, empty feelings
Prayiní, hopiní, neediní
Just when I wanted to hold you
Youíre leaviní, youíre leaviní
Leaviní, leaviní

When we meet
Every night in the bar
If Iím feeliní alright
Weíll get high in your car
Then come morning
And you will be gone
Youíre my five-minute friend
And youíve gotta move on

And you donít stop me
Thinkiní my feelings
And Iím hidiní the hurtiní inside
And I know how you
Set my heart reeliní

As I see it and swallow my pride
Well, either you donít give a damn
Or you donít even care to pretend
Or you wonít spare a thought
Though you know
It must come to an end

And Iíve got those feelings ...