IN LOVE (Spice song)

Whether she’ll come, I could not say
We made the date just the other day
Well, here she comes
All dressed in white
She looks so nice
She’ll last the night

In love
Perhaps it will last until dawn
In love
Or untill that we two are one
In love
Oh, I’m old and she is so young
In love, in love, in love

I asked her if she’d come out again
She said she likes such mature men
Yes, she did
She says that I’m so nice and strong
I’m getting through, it won’t be long

In love
With her hands caressing my face
In love
I’m so glad I’ve got my own place
In love
She must be of very bad taste
In love, in love, in love

There must come a time
Even for me
But all this happens so suddenly
So quick
It’s very hard for me to say
But can this be the only way

In love
I can’t think of anyone who
In love
Could make me feel like I do
In love
We’ll start our lives anew
In love, in love, in love

In love ...