If this is where itís all they said
Youíre such a silly girl
Liviní high on the hill
Stalkiní your crazy world

You never thought it would be like this
You wanna run and hide
Down in the backstreets
Down on Rodeo Drive

You followed your wit
Its tease and smile
He said youíd be a star
He was right, you were wrong
Now look just where you are

The bedroom scene was your disgrace
You ran away and cried
Down in the back streets
Down on Rodeo Drive

Got a high school education
And itís drivin you insane
Youíre a favourite of the nation
Arenít you tired of playing
The silly games

Got a nice girl reputation
And you always arenít too sure
Youíre a favourite of the nation
Gotta stop doing things
You thought you could

l.a. woman, whatís on your mind
Your friends have left you far behind
Youíve been blind, so very blind