In your younger days
With your godless ways
And your gold crest limousine
You were making trends
With your so called friends
With a power so obscene
Then your hollow heart, it was torn apart
You were thrown a learning curve
If you turn your back on good advice
You get what you deserve

We hit the nail right on the head
We hit the nail right on the head
Over and over again ...

Heís another guy who just wants to try
His best to make things good
Heís an honest man with a helping hand
From a run down neighbourhood
Then you hear the thud
You see the blood
His good work come undone
Step aside for the one who said
Only the good die young

I hope you donít misunderstand me now
ĎCos I donít want to get you down
Just looking out at all he things I see
And they keep coming round and round

Now we have to go down a loverís road
On a path that ainít so smooth
Many ups and downs
Many tears and frowns
As the sweethearts look for truth ??
All the lies between what she believes
Gonna have to take the fall
No fear that she will ever look back
As true love conquers all