Tonight you’re going to
Overload your mind
Move into another world
There for you online
A high speed chase that
Leads you to the unknown
Time will disappear so fast
For you and you alone

A universe in isolation
Feeding your imagination

No-one cares about
The role you play
Generations lost in space
A million miles away
Life moves faster
Than the speed of sound
You think you’ve got
Complete control
It makes your world go
Round and round

Digital communication
Feeding your imagination

Coded warning
Now you’re falling into overload
Countdown started, no way out
Hit the mother lode

The power that you crave
For more and more
You try to understand the things
That you are fighting for
When multi channel meltdown
Gets to you
You’ll reach the breakpoint
When it’s over, what you gonna do

Seeing your determination
Feeding your imagination

A universe in isolation
Feeding your imagination
You’re looking for a new sensation
Gotta find a real sensation

Into overload…